Age: Stature: Breast size:
26 173 2
Travel passport: Visa: Languages:
Yes Shengen, USA English, Ukraine, Russian

Support center: Telegram +380959093852

International Escort Model


  • 1 day — $700
  • 2 days — $800
  • 3 days — $800
  • 4 days — $900
  • 5 days — $1000
  • 6 days — $1200
  • 7 days — $1300
  • More Days — Individual Price


  • Kissing with tongue
  • Blowjob
  • Cumshot on body
  • Masturbation
  • Massage
  • Lesbi
  • Group sex
  • Striptease
  • Uniforms
  • Dinner
  • Couples
  • Travelling
  • Toys



About Me

Zhanna lives a life filled with exhilarating adventures, both grand and intimate, making her an ideal international escort. Her relaxed nature effortlessly charms her companions, while her sophisticated demeanor defines her as one of the elite escort models. Spending time with Zhanna guarantees a seamless blend of carefree togetherness and natural charm, creating an absolute delight for any travel companions or Escort ladies.Zhanna’s enticing figure, flawless skin, and refined fashion sense make her an irresistible escort girl, whether in Berlin, Dubai, Turkey, or the USA. Her elegant yet sporty wardrobe perfectly suits varied occasions, showcasing her versatility as a VIP model.As a sought-after elite escort, Zhanna’s captivating allure extends beyond her captivating photos. Her natural beauty, enhanced discreetly, complements her captivating makeup, ensuring a spellbinding presence. She’s known for her love of sexy high heels and playful yet tempting lingerie, captivating young escorts and all those around her.Beyond her charming personality, Zhanna’s love for travel and quiet moments with a good book or tennis creates a perfect balance, making her an ideal choice for Escort booking or Escort tours. In Los Angeles or on international escapades, Zhanna embodies the essence of a top-tier international escort.